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Please click on this link, Guest Book , or go dirctly to the page on the left underneath "Home Page", and make an entry,  good or bad, about The Trash Can Demo. All your remarks will hopefully help to get the show a place on some big league radio station. The more remarks or entries the better. If you came to this site before listening to the demo go to YouTube and do a search under "Trash Can Demo" and then come back here. Please do NOT leave any remarks on YouTube. If you want you can also leave another remark by clicking here for The Trash Can Facebook page (please do NOT go to the old page, "The Trash Can and Other Shows by Mike Spenser). Please put a "Like" on the Facebook page if you dig the show and the demo. There is now a Forum you can join to ask questions, have a chat and meet other Trash Can fans! Click here or go to the page directly on the left side of this page.

If you want to contact The Trash Can, send any demo or info about yourself for the show please send email to: 

The demo was created to hear some links from previous live Trash Can shows, to hear Mike Spenser's unique voice and way of presenting and to hear some of the music played on the show. The background video is just that, a background video, to entertain you while listening to the audio which is what you'll hear when listening to the Trash Can.

The aim of the Trash Can has always been to promote mostly unknown bands as well as up and coming bands along with the well known established icons of the garage/Trash scene, both present and from as far back as the mid 60's. This music has always been around, been kicked around like a rag doll sometimes without the due respect this music and it's musicians deserve. Until Now! The Trash Can has been going for over 10 years, has been hosted on many stations both in thr US, UK, Europe and Scandinavia. Mike has been involved with many radio projects and recently (2004-5) put together the legendary Pirate Radio 603 AM station with a 300kw licence, a massive ship to broadcast from and over a dozen startup presenters, mostly fresh young talent in their teens, from the Aland Islands in Finland.  He's had his own RSL short term licence in Helsinki with Pirate Radio 102.4 Helsinki. But Mike's main joy is just to present The Trash Can though he has presented so many different genres of music and shows from Drive Time, Blues, R&B, Rock and Roll, DooWop and countless other shows.